The SRI Seven-Point Confidence Ranking Scale, also known as the “Targ scale”, is a widely used instrument for evaluating Remote Viewing sessions. The scale was developed and used by the researchers involved in SRI’s psycho-energetics programs.

One of the challenges in evaluating remote viewing transcripts is the weighting of individual data elements versus the overall subjective impression of the session, especially sketches and verbalizations. Another concern was consistency between different judges and also consistency within an individual’s ratings over time.

SRI Seven-Point Confidence Ranking (CR) Scale

7Excellent correspondence, including good analytical detail (e.g., naming the target), and with essentially no incorrect information.
6Good correspondence with good analytical information (e.g., naming the function of the target), and relatively little incorrect information.
5Good correspondence with unambiguous unique matchable elements, but some incorrect information.
4Good correspondence with several matchable elements intermixed with some incorrect information.
3Mixture of correct and incorrect elements, but enough of the former to indicate that the viewer has made contact with the target.
2Some correct elements, but not sufficient to suggest results beyond chance expectation.
1Little correspondence.
0No correspondence.