The Case of ESP was frequently shown on PBS from 1984 until 1995, at which time for some unknown reason it disappeared from NOVA’s files. It is now gone also from the files of WGBH, Boston, which produced the film, and from Time-Life Books, which distributed it for sale. This is not a fantasy, since I have a master BBC tape and several DVD copies of the original program on my desk. (Interestingly, 1995 was also the year in which the remote-viewing program was officially declassified and terminated by the CIA.) The disappearance of the film has never been explained. My guess is that the CIA put pressure on NOVA to pull the film, since NOVA alone was the US copyright holder, and only they could have accomplished such a complete disappearance.”

Russell Targ, The Reality of ESP, page 135. (An excellent book.)
The channel author converted this video to mp4 from a DVD which he obtained from Russell Targ at a workshop in 2012.