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“Spontaneous Remote Viewing (SRV) is a random format of wiring between virtual reality and levels of consciousness;
Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) is composed of discovering the correct wiring and bringing the random format under conscious control.”

[Source: Ingo Swann, Remote Viewing? Hey, Guys! What Are We Talking About? (Part 1), 8 Dec 1995]

CENTER LANE was one of the code names of the Military Remote Viewing programme, covering the 1983–1984 period, the time when Ingo Swann trained 5 Military remote viewers — Tom McNear, Bill Ray, Paul H. Smith, Charlene Cavanaugh (Shufelt) and Ed Dames — in the CRV method that he had developed together with Hal Puthoff.

The purpose of this project is to erect a structure for preservation of core CRV principles and practice. We understand that this body of knowledge is held by a small group of individuals who were directly trained by Ingo Swann, and have decades of invaluable experience. Our goal is to capture the essence of these principles and preserve this body of knowledge, so it can evolve in alignment with the principles and be handed down to future generations.

The Center Lane Project is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to transfer the knowledge and principles about original CRV to the next generation. We offer free information to inform and educate the public about the specifics of Controlled Remote Viewing and additional benefits to our supporting members.

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The Life and Legacy of Ingo Swann

June 7th, 2024|Featured, People, Videos|

The interview with Jeffrey Mishlove and Elly Flippen explores the multifaceted life and enduring legacy of Ingo Swann, highlighting his personal anecdotes, professional contributions, and ongoing efforts to preserve and share his work.

The Bread Pudding School of Advancement

April 11th, 2024|Articles, Featured, Method|

During this time as the RV unit’s commander, Bill Ray unintentionally became a key figure in one of the small but important steps that were made to create the CRV working process as it is used today—steps that he likes to call “The Bread Pudding School of Advancement.”

  • The Foundations of Controlled Remote Viewing

The Foundations of Controlled Remote Viewing

January 21st, 2024|Books, Featured, Method|

Foundations gives you a major start on the context, origins, and development of Controlled Remote Viewing that many have missed by coming into the field in the middle of the story. It offers much about the theories and general outlines of how remote viewing—and especially Controlled Remote Viewing—works, and how to get the most out of it.

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Ingo’s Ideograms at the Master’s Level

The ideogram is perhaps the greatest insight of Ingo Swann.
It seems simple at first, yet may be the most exquisite and
least-understood concept of Ingo Swann’s teachings on
Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV). In his three years of study
with Swann Tom McNear learned a lot from him, which he
will share with you here.

  • BBC (1983) The Case of ESP

BBC (1983) The Case of ESP

November 16th, 2023|Featured, Videos|

"The Case of ESP" was frequently shown on PBS from 1984 until 1995. Interestingly, 1995 was also the year in which the remote-viewing program was officially declassified and terminated by the CIA.

  • Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons

August 23rd, 2023|Articles, Featured, Method|

It is difficult to provide a satisfactory and simple answer to the question of where exactly the boundaries are between remote viewing and other psychic work. One of the most prominent misunderstandings is that remote viewing refers to the innate ability of psi functioning and remote perception, rather than just a way of using those underlying abilities.