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Jana Rogge is a German researcher, graphic designer and author. She’s a trained and accomplished remote viewer, and has created international connections in the remote viewing field. Jana is a founding member and currently serves as the Center Lane Project's president.

The Real X-Files

Jim Schnabel’s groundbreaking documentary shows interviews with many of the original personnel who developed remote viewing and the project that would become known as Star Gate. Schnabel tells the story of how the remote viewing program came to be, where it had come to and how it had effected the lives of some of those involved; he also receives Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) training directly from Ingo Swann.

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Master of Harmlessness

Christmas morning I woke up and there were these guys again, or these whatever, saying "Okay now you are going to write a thing called the Tale of the Master of Harmlessness and it's to be seventy-six draft pages in length [...] and you are to work on it for certain hours in the day, and it will all be done by New Year's."

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The Bread Pudding School of Advancement

During this time as the RV unit’s commander, Bill Ray unintentionally became a key figure in one of the small but important steps that were made to create the CRV working process as it is used today—steps that he likes to call “The Bread Pudding School of Advancement.”

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Ingo Swann Input Concerning the Ideogram Controversy

At the beginning of this video, Lyn states in an interview with Lori Williams that his lexicon method is the same as that taught by Ingo Swann. The remainder of the video consists of excerpts of audio and video interviews done with Ingo Swann over a 12 year period providing support for Ingo's original version of ideograms in CRV.

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A correspondence ESP experiment with high IQ subjects.

Reference: Brier, Bob (1967). A correspondence ESP experiment with high IQ subjects. Journal of Parapsychology, 31(2), 143–148. Abstract: 2 groups of high-IQ volunteers took part in some ESP "distance" tests conducted by correspondence. In a pilot test using the clairvoyance DT technique, the results were below chance to a significant extent (p < .006). In a confirmatory

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