Atkinson, Angela

Business owner and director of nonprofit offering support to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Trained CRV with various teachers, including Paul Smith, Angela Thompson, Julia Mossbridge, and Debra Katz.

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Thompson Smith, Angela

Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D., has a background in medical and human consciousness research. She also studied remote viewing with two of the US military’s top trainers: Paul H. Smith Ph.D. and Lyn Buchanan. Her business, Mindwise Consulting carries out remote viewing consulting projects and teaches students operational remote viewing.

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Huffman-Zechman, Ellen

Over the past nearly two decades, Ellen has been a member of the board of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), advisor and facilitator for the remote viewing special interest group of the Rhine Research Center, and has been a presenter and/or volunteer at multiple IRVA annual remote viewing conferences.

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Puthoff, Hal

In connection with remote viewing, Harold Puthoff’s name is usually mentioned together with Ingo Swann and Russel Targ. Together with Ingo Swann, he carried out the first experiments at SRI-International in mid-1972, which paved the way for the subsequent more than 20 years of research on remote viewing.

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Flippen, Elly

Elly Flippen is the niece of renowned psychic and remote viewer Ingo Swann, and currently serves as the administrator of the Ingo Swann estate.

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Atwater, Skip

Skip Atwater is the retired President of The Monroe Institute and the Operations and Training Officer for the former US Army Intelligence remote viewing program.

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Pettingell, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Pettingell retired as a captain in the US Army to take up a civilian position as a remote viewer in the military remote viewer program Sun Streak in Fort Meade, Maryland, in 1987. She was a brilliant student and was soon practiced in both Coordinate Remote Viewing and Extend Remote Viewing.

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McMullen, George

George B. McMullen was an intuitive archaeologist and forensic remote viewer. McMullen and another remote viewer, Hella Hammid, worked with Dr. Stephan A. Schwartz undertaking in the Alexandria Project.

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Isler, Hakim

Hakim Isler (aka The Black MacGyver) is the nation's premier, professional African-American survival expert. A man of many skills, Hakim is a decorated combat war veteran, Ninja sixth degree black belt, certified close-protection specialist and professional self-defense & combat weapons instructor. He began CRV training in 2022 with Paul H. Smith.

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