Russell Targ

Russell Targ is an American physicist, author, and parapsychologist, born on April 11, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois. He is best known for his scientific research and pioneering work in the field of remote viewing.

Targ earned his Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Queens College and went on to receive a Master’s degree in physics from Columbia University. He later worked at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), where he conducted research on remote viewing as part of a classified program funded by various government agencies.

During his ten years of remote viewing research at SRI, between 1972–1982, Targ collaborated with Harold E. Puthoff, Ingo Swann, and others to explore the potential applications of remote viewing for military and intelligence purposes. Their work gained attention and controversy, and Targ became a prominent figure in the exploration of psychic phenomena.

Apart from his contributions to parapsycho­logy, Targ has also been involved in laser research. During his tenure at SRI, Targ co-authored several scientific papers on laser physics and technology. His contributions helped advance the understanding and application of lasers in various fields, including communications, medicine, and scientific research.

Targ has written and co-authored seve­ral books about extrasensory perception (ESP). His last book, published in 2023, is Third Eye Spies, quoting the title of the documentary film released in 2019 that explores the history of remote viewing, with a focus on the contributions of Targ and his colleagues at SRI. 

Targ’s career has sparked both interest and skepticism, with his research contributing to the ongoing debate about the nature of consciousness and the boundaries of human perception. In this way, Targ has played a significant role in bringing attention to the exploration of psychic phenomena and the mysteries of the mind.


The famous photo of Russell Targ & Hal Puthoff in front of the SRI, 1976


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