• Former President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Board member of IRVA
  • IRVA Aperture Magazine Editorial Team 2010 – 2013
  • Co-Designer, Co-Investigator, of the IRVA CRV-REG Experiment
  • Co-Producer of the short films – The Incredible Mr. Swann and Ingo Swann: A Life Gone Wild
  • RVIS Assistant Instructor, Operational Viewer, and Operational Project Manager
  • Additional CRV training with Lyn Buchanan, Ed Dames, David Morehouse, and Psi Tech.

Having been involved with remote viewing for 20 years, John has studied CRV with Paul H. Smith, Lyn Buchanan, Ed Dames, David Morehouse, and Psi Tech. Since 2007, he has had multiple roles at RVIS, Inc., including assistant instructor, student mentor, operational remote viewer, and project manager.

Working with the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), he served as secretary, vice president, president, and board member.

Along with Paul H. Smith, John co-designed and was a co-investigator in the IRVA-sponsored CRV-REG Study. The goal was to see if Random Event Generators (REGs) would react by having their random data outputs go nonrandom in reaction to accurate remote viewing.

To improve his understanding of CRV and share his thoughts with the community, John published a trilogy of CRV Hints and Tips articles initially published in Aperture and now available through the Center Lane Project (CLP) website. These articles reflect knowledge gained through conversations and feedback from Ingo Swann’s students, Paul H. Smith, Bill Ray, Tom McNear, and Tom Burgen, as well as discussions with Ingo himself.

Along with Ingo Swann, Robert M. Knight, and Nick Cook, John co-produced The Incredible Mr. Swann, a short biographical film on the life of Ingo Swann. After Ingo’s passing, he co-produced A Life Gone Wild, an adaptation of the earlier film, with Robert M. Knight, Maryanne Bilham-Knight, and Nick Cook. The film won the award for Best Biopic at the 2017 Philip K. Dick Film Festival held in New York City.

John, who previously served as the head of a San Diego-based company that designs and manufactures electronics focusing on digital video processing, has been awarded numerous patents. His inventions have flown as experimental components in NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, and Sony, Philips, and Mitsubishi sold his products under their brand names. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, supplemented by electrical engineering, computer science, and aviation coursework.

He is an aviation enthusiast with over 2,400 hours of flight time. As a jet-rated pilot, John has received training and flown in military training jets from both the Soviet and NATO eras, in addition to operating US commercial jet and turbine aircraft.

Presently, John is the vice president and a board member of the non-profit Center Lane Project, a controlled remote viewing knowledge-sharing and practitioner network. Additionally, he occupies his time by engaging in pro-bono, non-profit website design. John has previously developed websites for IRVA, the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild (HRVG), the CRV-REG project, and the Rhine Research Center. He most recently collaborated with CLP President Jana Rogge on the design of the Center Lane Project website.