Joffre Perreault is a Canadian citizen living in Ontario, and is a member of Sheshegwaning First Nations band of the Odawa Nation. He has a BA in History from the University of Guelph along with many post-degree Bio Med science courses. As a business owner, he has over 30 years experience owning and operating an inter-provincial contracting company in Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada. He has also partnered in other business ventures through the years and has served as a director on business boards, currently serving as a director on the finance committee for a large First Nation non-profit organization.

Joffre is a long-time volunteer, supporter and sponsor of minors’ sports in his community, serving terms as a director-at-large and a president of his community’s minor hockey league. As a creative pass-time, he enjoys sculpting and carving and, in keeping with his First Nation heritage, is an avid hunter and off-grid canoeist and trekker.

Passionate about remote viewing, Joffre’s interest in the topic became quite strong around the year 2000, and has now been formalized as a student of remote viewing and active in the remote viewing community in one way or another for nearly a decade. His formal remote viewing training has continued through to the Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing course-level in RVIS Inc.’s CRV program (instructed by Paul H. Smith), culminating in his being invited to work for RVIS, Inc. as an assistant instructor for both Basic and Advanced CRV courses.

Joffre has worked as an Operational Remote viewer since 2019, and has established himself as a sought-after operational remote viewer, participating in numerous real-world projects. He is as an integral member of the Husick Group, the most prominent professional remote viewing organization active today.