Confusion Break (CONF Break) A CONF Break is called anytime the viewer is confused. Without acknowledging this confusion the viewer may incorporate the confusion into the session. The viewer should declare the confusion and objectify it so it can be removed from the system. A break should be taken until the confusion is gone.

[McNear, Tom. Coordinate Remote Viewing Stages I–VI and Beyond. February 1985, DIA]


Confusion Break (often, “Conf Bk”): When the viewer becomes confused by events in his environment or information in the signal line to the degree that impressions he is receiving are hopelessly entangled, a Confusion Break is called. Whatever time necessary is allowed for the confusion to dissipate, and when necessary the cause for confusion is declared much like it is done with AOL. 

The RV process is then resumed with an iteration of the coordinate.

[Smith, Paul H. Coordinate Remote Viewing. May 1986, DIA Manual]